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that evil NRA

Twenty years ago, it was NRA members who won tough criminal justice reforms that reduced violent crime, like truth-in-sentencing, "three strikes and you're out" laws, and programs like the federal Project Exile, which warned, "An illegal gun gets you five years in federal prison." By taking armed gang members, armed drug dealers and armed felons off the streets, Project Exile's strict enforcement of existing laws served as a form of prevention - because it removed predators from society before they could continue on to their next killing.

As a result, according to the FBI, over the past 22 years, violent crime has dropped by almost half. And the murder rate has fallen by more than half, to almost the lowest point in U.S. history - even as the number of privately owned firearms has broken record after record This entry was originally posted at http://kuzimama.dreamwidth.org/
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