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Why the American public isn’t mad as hell about the failure of the gun bill (in numbers) (English)

The Senate’s defeat of a package of popular proposals aimed at curbing gun violence last week seemed certain to foment public outrage at out-of-touch politicians who don’t listen to their constituents.
Not so much, according to a new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll. Yes, a plurality (47 percent) describe themselves as either “angry” or “disappointed” about the failure of the gun legislation, but 39 percent call themselves “relieved” or “happy” about what happened. That’s a far cry from the 90-ish percent support that expanding background checks — the centerpiece of the proposed legislation — enjoyed.

And, among those who said they were “very closely” keeping tabs on the vote, the split was even closer; 48 percent said they were angry/disappointed while 47 percent were relieved or happy. (That piece of data is indicative of the passion gap on the issue between those supporting gun rights and those pushing for more restrictions.)

in plain Russian: тех, которых "одобрямс ужесточение законов об оружии", на самом деле нe 90%, как давно говорили большевики утверждал обама, a вдвое  меньше

UPD: ой-вэй! комменты там так и сыплются, прочесть не успеваешь!
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