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полный капсайз!

некоторые из нас ешё пищали в колыбельках, кто-то ползал, кто-то уже играл в биту, пекаря и штандер, а Dr. Lindemann взял и пересек атлантический океан в в разборной двухместной байдарке . в одиночку. за 72 дня.

1985 Arved Fuchs in his final approach to the Magnetic North Pole in a Klepper Expedition single seater kayak. Fuchs also made the first successful winter circumnavigation of Cape Horn in a Klepper single seater in 1984
1992 Eric Stiller and Tony Brown compleated a semi-circumnavigation of Australia in one of the world's wildest seas.

1909 C.E. Layton · Paddled across the English Channel
1923 Karl Schott · Seakayaking from Germany to India
1926 Roald Amundsen · North Pole Expedition
1928 Admiral Byrd · South Pole Expedition
1928 Capt. Roemer · Crossed the Atlantic Ocean
1928 Sven Hedin · Asian Explorations
1935 Dr. Sorge · Spitzbergen Expedition
1954 H. Rittlinger · Upper Nile and Sudan
1955 Hans Ertl · Anden-Amazon Expedition
1956 Dr. Lindemann · Sailed across Atlantic Ocean
1970 John Dowd · Seakayaking Singapore-Australia
1978 K. Gallei · East Coast of Greenland
1979 Charles Porter · Sculled around Cape Horn
1983 Kimmich & Eckstein · Maranon Expedition
1984 Fuchs & Neuber · Winter trip Cape Horn
1985 Fuchs & Porter · Magnetic North Pole
1987 Lindenkamp & Meyer · Tibet Expedition
1989 Howard Rice · Sailed around Cape Horn solo
1991 Gail Ferris · Pt. Barrow Alaska Arctic Ocean
1992 Stiller & Brown · Semi-circumnavigation of Australia

new look of teh old Dr. Lindemann's boat at

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