December 13th, 2014


информации псто

В предпраздничной тиши конгрессом принят закон, легализующий практически неограниченный доступ не только федеральным агенствам, но и местной полиции, к коммуникациям каждого (здесь, США, живущего) без какой-либо санции суда.

"Operation HR4681 aka #STOP1984 #STOP309
Congress has quietly passed an Intelligence Authorization Bill that grants the executive branch virtually unlimited warrentless access to the communications of every American and gives this information to not just federal agencies but to local law enforcement as well. While similar powers have been asserted by executive order before nothing on this level has ever been passed by congress and for it to pass without so much as a debate is completely unjustifiable.
At the last moment representative Justin Amash found the true intent of the bill and was able to make a motion to reconsider. The bill has passed but has not yet been sent to the president to sign, we still barely have the ability to change the original vote but you need to contact your representative immediately and let them know that the bill in it's current form is completely unacceptable. Failure to act now will lead to the bill being sent to the president.

Если вы полагаете, что власти перешли опасную черту,
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