March 28th, 2012


не болтай!

You may think you're a hot shot for pulling a fast one on the IRS. But when the friend you entrusted with your secret snitches on you in exchange for a fat check, you're going to be in big trouble.

"Most cases start the old-fashioned way," said Ian Comisky, a partner at law firm Blank Rome LLP who represents taxpayers whose returns were flagged by the IRS. "You blab about it to a friend, colleague, spouse or girlfriend, and one of them turns you in."

Even your closest pals may be tempted to tattle, since the IRS offers whistleblowers a reward of up to 30% of any additional tax or penalties it collects from tax cheaters.

короче: не болтай, если где накосячил! а то лучший друг (коллега, супруг/а ) заложит тебя фининспектору/налогосборщикам за тридцать сребреников 30% от вырученной налоговиками суммы!
как страшно жыть!

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