February 28th, 2012



ожидают от 6 до 10 дюймов вечером, и еще столько же в среду.
мыло из отдела кадров:
"I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone about the company policy on severe weather.
The company manual states:
... Corporation remains open in all but the most extreme circumstances. Unless an emergency closing is announced, all employees are expected to report to work. XXXXX will be closed if the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is not running its bus system for the day. When an emergency closing has not been declared, employees who do not report to work because of inclement weather have the option of taking vacation or personal time.

Other comments:
If you are unable to get into work tomorrow, it is considered an excused absence. Like most of our storms, heavy snowfall is often very localized and each person's circumstances are different. Please use good judgement when determining if you can make it into work. Be safe!"

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"the good wife" (многа знаков "!!!")

обожаю сценаристов. у них всяко лыко в строку: можно, например, пронапитать тряпку бутаном и устроить поджог.
просто танец напитала какой–то! "мы химию учили не по гегелю!"
наши менеджеры почти такие же, – запросто переписывают законы природы! место в голливуде зарезервировано, поди, без работы не останутся!
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