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наконец-то у некоторых обнаружились мозги:
"Minnesota Power and the (Minnesota Department of Commerce) offered extensive evidence and analyses showing that the transition away from coal and toward intermittent renewable resources impairs reliability and could increase reliance on energy markets, thereby increasing costs," Bjorkman said "Their analyses also demonstrated that NTEC addresses these concerns, providing a more reliable and lower cost (including environmental costs) source of energy than the equivalent renewable resources. Accordingly, substantial evidence supports the commission’s determination that NTEC best serves the public interest."
ссыль даю, но там надо уметь перегружать страницу, чтобы убрать требование подписки
Court: Superior gas power plant needed, better than renewable alternative
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    увидел, что в ЕС цена за 1000м3 газа сегодня ок. $950. попытался найти цену 1000м3 в сша и блядьпиздец с этой имперской системой: в чем

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    This Is the First Fusion Power Plant to Generate Net Electricity

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    как и предсказывал, Texas electricity firm files for bankruptcy citing $1.8 billion in claims from grid operator. интересно, будут ли жители…

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