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Applications are now open for the City’s (of Duluth, kuzimama) newest commission, the Nonbinary, Queer, Trans, Two-spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex and Asexual (NQT2SLGBIA).
аббревиация NQT2SLGBIA в гугле отмечается наличием лишь на дулутских вебсайтах.
написал мэру:
keep adding letters to the NQT2SLGBIA (google search of it shows references to Duluth ONLY, - we are the champions! (c)) - in the end, you just might have the whole alphabet there AND do not forget to lit the tower (or bridge).
if Anderson has nothing else to do, remind him there are more possibilities -- the homeless commission, divorcee commission, dog-walkers commission, the nomad commission... -- you name it!
keep up the good work Mayor!
конечно, она не читает, но как и она сама - прокукарекал/а, а там хоть не светай!
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