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CEO: “Climate change is the biggest business opportunity of all time.”
In the case of decarbonization policies that drive up energy costs, “net zero” means zero growth.
corporations are lying to you about using green energy
Apple: “We proved that 100 percent renewable is 100 percent doable,” Only it hasn’t done anything of the sort. Rather than 100 percent, an overwhelming percentage of Apple’s energy came from coal and almost none from wind and solar.(т.д.)

забавно, что в первых рядах "просветителей и озеленителей" бегут впереди паровоза именно Bloomberg, Facebook, Google, Nike, and Starbucks, - сплошные "карандаш и бумага", а "чугуны и стали" в сторонке, платочки в руках теребя. original at DW
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