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новости пред-апокалипсиса.
After decades of neglect, U.S. infrastructure is cracking, sagging and exploding — and pressure on old systems is growing as cities swell and the climate changes.

A confluence of 21st century shifts is endangering critical infrastructure.
    Extreme weather is increasingly frequent, with high winds bringing power outages, and soggy soil causing pipe corrosion and leaks.
    Fast-growing cities mean old infrastructure suddenly has to serve far more people than it was designed to — and the construction booms rattle underground systems out of place.
    Electric cars and home solar panels are putting tremendous stress on transformers that weren't built for the load. (никогда об этом не задумывался! кузимама)
Meanwhile, utility companies that need more employees to deal with this new reality are instead in danger of losing a quarter of their workforce to retirement in the next five years — along with their decades of accumulated knowledge.

что происходит? да стареет все. по оценке специалистов нынешнее состояние инфраструктуры (электролинии, газовые трубы, трансформаторы, канализация, т.д.) оценивается на "двойку с плюсом" (Д+)
при этом вскорости (5 лет) на пенсию свалят специалисты с опытом, накопленным за десятилетия, а смена не подросла.
original at DW
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