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counterpunch.org - неизвестный мне до недавнего времени сайт, надо приглядеться. какое еще сми позволит себе в наше смутное время такую смелую ремарку:
Rebutting the claim that anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism is a tedious and frustrating endeavor – in part because those who think otherwise are willfully obtuse and determined never to change their minds. Engaging with them, even briefly, has given me a newfound respect for those who centuries ago took up the cause of convincing Europeans that, no matter how far they might go, they would not fall off the edge of the earth. It has also made me envious of Sisyphus. He had a similarly impossible task to perform, but at least he got good exercise and worked outdoors.
а там еще и точное о республиканцах в целом, да и демократов не щадят особо.
original at DW
Tags: antisemitism

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