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Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet?

...what it does demonstrate is that an incredibly reckless, anything-goes climate prevails when it comes to claims about Russia. Media outlets will publish literally any official assertion as Truth without the slightest regard for evidentiary standards.

Seeing Putin lurking behind and masterminding every western problem is now religious dogma – it explains otherwise-confounding developments, provides certainty to a complex world, and alleviates numerous factions of responsibility – so media outlets and their journalists are lavishly rewarded any time they publish accusatory stories about Russia (especially ones involving the U.S. election), even if they end up being debunked.
original at DW

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    говорите, не следует читать советских российских газет? попробуйте украинские ))

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    ляпота! угадайстрану истребитель разворовали прямо на заводе. Самые важные части самолета съели мыши. Срочно пришлите кота. (с) тtrilirium

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    по-прежнему заходя по привычке на украинские сайты, вдруг обнаружил, что перестал понимать мову, испарилось и влом, какое-то недочтото. (лечить не…

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