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у нас меняют старую нефтяную трубу, протянутую 50 лет назад из канады в соседний городок, на новую, народ протестует, выставляя плакатики на газоны, а кое-кто, не щадя своих денег, садится в тюрьму. замечательно то, что а. народу, похоже, десятка карман жжет, т.к. проэкт не остановить даже взрывами, a б. "содют за эрунду"; ц. люди 50:50 пришлые и д. никто за них не вступается, как за серебренникова.

интерснo что и как контора шьёт в дела. например: "Wayne White <...>charged with one count <...> of resisting an officer", - что за сопротивление? да убежал от полицая и уселся в "газель", стоявшую неподалеку.
BUT "The most serious charge, resisting an officer, carries a maximum sentence of 9 months in jail or a $10,000 fine"
все согласно букве, не потрындишь в сетях на режим, чиннa-блаародно.

Dallon Wayne White, 33, of Cloquet; Alexander Emery Good-Cane-Milk, 23, of Nemo, S.D.; and Kyla L. Hassig, 25, of Cloquet, were charged Wednesday in Douglas County Circuit Court with one count of resisting an officer, disorderly conduct and trespass to land, all misdemeanors. The most serious charge, resisting an officer, carries a maximum sentence of 9 months in jail or a $10,000 fine.

Neville Light Robins, 25, of Cloquet; Leana Sherome Hosea, 38, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Brandy-Lee Maxie, 34, of Regina, Saskatchewan, were charged with one count of disorderly conduct and trespass to land, both misdemeanors. The most serious charge, disorderly conduct, carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail or $1,000 fine.

Hosea, Maxie and Hassig were released after posting bond, while White, Good-Cane-Milk and Robins remained in custody at the Douglas County Jail as of Wednesday night.

According to online court records, the six were ordered to have no contact with Enbridge property or employees; no interference with Enbridge operations; and no contact with any property “owned by, leased to, or used pursuant to easement or right of way” for the Line 3 project.

Enbridge is constructing a new pipeline to replace the existing 50-year-old Line 3 that crosses northern Minnesota on its route from Alberta to Superior. The replacement is currently under construction in Canada and Wisconsin, and awaiting the outcome of a review process in Minnesota.

According to the criminal complaint:

Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call about protesters going to the area of County Road W and Irondale Road in the town of Superior at 7:37 a.m. Tuesday. When they arrived, deputies saw Hassig and Good-Cane-Milk standing on top of an excavator, with Good-Cane-Milk locked to the excavator, and Robins, Hosea and White standing next to the excavator while filming it on their phones. Deputies directed them to leave the site, but they refused and stated they would have to be arrested.

White ran into the woods when deputies attempted to arrest him. Deputies then arrested Robins and Hosea. White was seen walking toward a deputy, but jumped into a van when a deputy began to approach him. A deputy opened the van door and put it in park to stop them from fleeing and arrested White and Maxie, who was the van’s driver. Hassig was pulled from the excavator and arrested. Deputies had to cut Good-Cane-Milk out of the pipe and rope he was using to lock himself onto the excavator.
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