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интересненько! цру сменит mode of operation OR the President himself?

...So, the CIA, which was till now an arm the President could use to lead covert operations, finally becomes an Intelligence Agency in the proper sense of the term. This means, that its mandate is to study international actors, to anticipate their actions and to advise the president.

The annual report on its activities indicates that in 2015, the Council ordered political assassinations in 135 countries.

During the transitional period, President Trump had solemnly declared that the United States would no longer organize any more regime changes as it had done or tried to do since 1989 by using Gene Sharp techniques.

original at DW

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    стоило малость порадоваться и удивиться, что фотобакет разморозил сохраненные в нем фотографии, хоть и показывает их с водяными знаками, как они…

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