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This week's theme: words with hidden animals.

dragoon (druh-GOON) verb tr. ("драгун" по-русски)

To force someone to do something; coerce. [From French dragon (dragon, to dragoon).]

This is a good example of how a term transferred from an object to a people to an action. Originally it referred to the firearms, either from the fact that they breathed fire like a dragon or from the shape of the pistol hammer. Eventually it began to be applied to a European cavalryman armed with a carbine. Today the term is used in the sense of forcing someone to do something against his or her will.

"Canadians should not be dragooned into going down the same garden path. We should say no to no-fly lists."
Ground Canada's No-fly List Now; The Gazette (Montreal, Canada); Jan 16, 2007

Today's word in Visual Thesaurus: http://visualthesaurus.com/?w1=dragoon

UPD: по наводке от катулла potapa : "отдрагунить", по русски не "принудить", а таки довести дело до "отмужичить"
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